The dog mowed from the dead dogs and hoped that he would be saved

You should provide them with a safe life when you breed animals. And if you cannot do so you should give them away. But how can owners get rid of their pets in such a cruel way?

This story is about a poor dog whose owner left him near the trash. The animal was noticed by a rescuer. The kind men took the animal and treated his wounds and injuries.

He moved to a foster family and changed after some weeks. The puppy called Alex is now happy and washed. Moreover, he gained weight in a short time.

The animal loves his mother very much and wags his tail when he sees her. He also enjoys the moment when his mother calls his name.

And then the beautiful boy went to an event where he found his permanent owners. These owners will treat him well and give him love and attention. Let’s hope that he will never feel pain again.

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