The dog looked for its owner and did not know that she was not there anymore

The dog was wandering on the street. The animal was starving and barely moving. She was also confused. She did not notice even the cars that passed by her. The animal was unhappy.

Residents often saw this dog. But they did not understand why she was wandering there or what she was looking for.
The owners went to work and the animal called Jindol was going for a walk.

The animal was healthy and powerful. But everything changed when the mother passed away.
The dog was desperate for this and felt very sad.

It was painful for her to overcome the loss. The woman passed away two years ago. And after that, the animal totally changed.

The dog sat down and whined. She expressed her loss in that way. After some time she started to go for a walk alone. She passed the road where they were together. She wanted to find someone dear to her.

After some time the dog got sick because of longing.
The woman’s son understood how difficult it was for Jindol to overcome the loss.

So, he did her best to help the dog.
And started to go for a walk with the pet and they passed the same route as she used to.

The man hoped that soon Jindol would overcome everything.

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