The dog lives on the street for several years and then woke up to new life

The dog lived on the street for many years and how he had a big surprise. When he wanted to give up, the dead puppy finally found a caring family that he deserved. It was a story that proves that even the most unhappy stories could have happy endings.

This Spanish dog spent his whole life on the street. And he had the most difficult times in his life. But he never thought about giving up.
But then he was all exhausted and starving from hunger. So, he found someone’s front porch and decided to stay there and give up.

But it was just the start of his new life.
When the woman saw the dog lying there she felt sorry for this poor creature and started to feed him. His name was Solovino, short for Solo.
Then the dog was transferred to the San Francisco kennel.

He was put up for adoption but no one wanted to take him. But then Carol Messina suddenly accidentally saw his picture on social media.
‘I loved him from the very first moment I saw his photo’ said Messina.

And I thought it was fate. I felt how unhappy he was and decided to help this poor creature.
This dog was fighting for his life. He had some problems but it did not stop Messina from making the right decision.

She decided to help him so she did it.
So, everything has changed in his poor animal’s life and he got everything he deserved.

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