The dog left several months on the street and made an amazing transformation

The dog called King was on the street and everyone was afraid of it.
People called him a werewolf.

But everyone stayed indifferent to him.
He was sick and was fighting for his life when he was suddenly found by a woman named Megan Bowe.

Mrgan was the founder of an animal rescue center.
‘I wanted to cry when I first saw him,’ she said.

He was so sick that could not even move, she said.
The woman took him to the hospital where the dog underwent an examination.

The dog got injured because the car hit him.
Megan, together with the doctors, fights for his life. After some time he started to walk.

The dog was a very friendly and joyful creature.
After being saved, Megan started to look for a permanent family for him.

So, he was taken by a family, where three dogs were already living.
They were all happy to accept their new friend. And he became a full member of their family.

Thanks to the care, he was changed and became unrecognizable.
Now he is a happy dog and enjoys his life.

All this was thanks to the kind woman who found her and could not stay indifferent. And also thanks to the doctors the animal survived.

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