The dog jumped off the leash and after a minute a boy started to scream

Pitbulls are considered to be killer dogs but they are the opposite. And this story is one of such amazing dogs.
Hurley is an amazing pet. The owner is so confident that he lets the dog walk without the leash.

‘Hurley is a lovely pet’ said the owner named Shelby.
But during one of these walks, Hurley heard a crying noise of a little child. And then Shelby did not find the pet next to him.

Shelby started to search for them and then found a crying boy and the animal near him.
The dangerous snake wanted to attack the boy but fortunately, Hurley appeared on time.

So, this kind and brave dog saved the little boy’s life.
But unfortunately, the dog was bitten.

And then the Animal Control came to the place.
Hurley was taken to the vet and doctors did their best to save his life.

Shelby’s sister posted this story on social media and she did not know that it would become so popular. Hurley was a real hero.
Thanks to Hurley the little boy was saved.

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