The dog jumped into the water and saved the boy

Max was never trained as a lifeguard. But he saved the boy’s life when the moment came.
Max grew up on the street and did not understand any relationships between a human and a dog.

But appearing in the new family he gradually started to learn everything from them.
At first, he was scared of going out for walks as he always thought that the owners would leave him alone again.

And it took a long time to gain the trust of his owners.
Max goes to the beach every time his owner goes.

The dog loves 11 years old Nev. Nev’s father loves surfing and he always joins him.
Max was sitting on the beach and relaxing with Nev.

And then suddenly the boy appeared in the ocean.
The boy started to sink. Rob noticed him but could not help.

So, the owner called the dog. The loyal job jumpers into the water without hesitation.
He swam towards the boy and saved his life.

So, the parents declared Max a hero. So would they do without him? The loyal dog saved their son’s life. They are very thankful to him.

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