The dog hurried to reach the girl and did not allow her to get to the car

Rodney Bacon together with his daughter Harper walked to the car. But then the girl started to scream.
The father heard her daughter’s noise.

They noticed a dog and a snake near the girl.
The man did not even notice how the dog and the snake ran out of the house after the girl.

Track noticed the snakes and did his best to keep the girl far away from them. Then, Gracie attacked them. At that time, Ridney attacked the second snake as the dog dealt with the first one. So, Gracie disappeared and didn’t come back home that day.

The next day, the dog’s face was swollen because of the snake venom.
Gracie decided to be alone while he died from a snake attack. He did not want to cause any problem.

It was a noble act from him, said Rodney.
But, the effect of the poison was weakened and he came back home.

So, the man hurried to take the animal to the hospital.
So, the dog got the necessary treatment.

And fortunately, he will soon feel better.
It was a great lesson for Harper.

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