The dog hugs his mother every day after being rescued

This dog called Kylo is thankful to his owner for being saved and always showed his gratitude.
Kylo appeared at the shelter when he was a puppy.

He always dreamt about having a loving family. And he was lucky as his dream came true.
After being saved he lives in a permanent home for a long time.

But it was unclear why people did not want to adopt him.
But then everything changed when he was noticed by a family who loved him from the very first moment.

In his temporary family, he never felt the love that he deserved.
The owner tells how he loves jumping on her lap and cuddling with her. And if the owner did not hug her he would never feel upset.

He slept even on their first meeting.
What’s important is he gives all his love to everyone.

Everyone will feel love if they once met.
He managed to win everyone’s hearts.
Moreover, he never loses the chance to show his gratitude to the family who saved him.

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