The dog had extra weight and because of it he couldn’t even walk, but his friends helped him to lose weight

The dog named Short is 11 years old.
He spent his whole life with his siblings. He lived with an elderly gentleman who could not even look after the dog’s health properly.

And when the owner died the animal shifted to the shelter.
And there they met Carlie Cahill.

This woman always loved animals. But it was special for her when she first met Shorty. So, she decided to take her home.
She could never imagine that she would adopt a little dog.

At first, she took Shorty to the hospital as it was weighing about 17 pounds.
After some examination, it turned out that the animal had some diseases.

But in 2 months Short lost half of his weight.
His life changed after this. He became more friendly and interesting. He was full of energy and enjoyed playing with his friends.

He also enjoyed walking in parks and did this when he became healthier.
‘I am proud of him as he is an amazing baby and deserves the best’ said the owner.

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