The dog had a disease and will always look like a puppy

The dog called Ranger is four years old but was like a puppy.
And it was because of dwarfism. So, the dog could not grow to full size.

The disease influenced her growth.
This is an inherited genetic disorder.

It turned out that the baby also had the disease when he turned 2 months old.
These animals are smaller and do not have the same hair as normal ones. Their fur remained soft.

The owner of the dog called Shelby Mayo looks after her pet.
Most animals with dwarfism live only 3 years.

But due to Shelby’s care, she lived longer.
The owner also opened an Instagram page for her.

She wanted many people to know the effects of inbreeding on dogs.
Now, the animal surprisingly has 139.000 followers on her page.

The owner is fond of Ranger and she does everything for her best life.
Ranger was lucky enough to have such a caring owner.

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