The dog grew up with cats and considered itself a cat

Friendship among animals surprised everyone. And there are cases when cats and dogs are also best friends. And this story is an example of that.

The dog named Willow is from the USA. And her best friend is a cat. These little creatures grew up together and broke all stereotypes about dogs and cats.

But what’s interesting is that Willow finds her and Percy the same.
The couple did everything together. During the time with the cat, Willow finds herself as a cat.

The owners adore their friendship and are very happy to have them.
The owners took Willow when she was a puppy. After some time they took Percy as well.

The family also has 2 cats but the friendship between Percy and Willow is special. They spend most of their time together.

After adopting Percy the family noticed that Willow started to act like a cat.
Now Willow considered herself a cat.

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