The dog found the missing baby on time

The German Shepherd is created to serve people. And they often work for authorities. And each of them has a profile. Some work to help people and others for detaining the criminals etc.
Perseus is a professional lifeguard.

Recently, he again proved that he is a professional service dog. He suddenly found a lost kid.
The grandmother visited the cemetery and took her grandson. And suddenly the boy left. The grandmother could not find the baby.

So, she contacted the police. The rescuer team immediately came there and Perseus was with the team. When the dog got a command he found the baby after 5 minutes. He found the baby due to its smelling abilities. Such a smart dog.

So, the dog found the baby right on time. The baby was scared and didn’t know what to do.
Then the baby was sent for examination. Luckily, he did not have any wounds or injuries.

So, thanks to this brave dog the baby was found alive. The grandmother was so thankful to the whole team and especially the dog.
The dog got another praise for such great work that he successfully did. Let’s hope that he will continue his work in such a way.

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