The dog found little cats and became a father to them

Maria went outside to walk with her dog. It was a rainy day. And when he went outside she heard a noise.
So, she followed the sound and found a little cat.

The dog called Bimbo went to the yard and 2 more cats were lying there.
The babies were wet and the mother was not there. So, the babies needed help.

So, Maria took them to the vet for examination.
After the examination, she took the babies to her house. She made a cozy place for them.

Bimbo was very careful with them. He wanted to look after them. The babies were active and joyful.
The dog spent all his time with them. He was so attached to babies and did not want to part away with them.

The babies even sleep with Bimbo.
Maria was not surprised by this. Bimbo was a rehabilitation dog. He even dealt with people for a long time.

Recently, he also spent his time with people who had Down syndrome.
Bimbo is very caring with humans and other animals.

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