The dog found infant kittens in the box and became their mother

This story is about a dog who was a cat rescuer. The dog called Banner was three years old. Her owner named Whitney Brailey taught her pet to help her with a lot of things.

The woman had a disability, so Banner was not just a pet for her, but a great helper.
For many years the pop helped many cats and even became a caring mother to many of them.

‘Banner is very attentive and loves baby cats’ said the owner. Two years ago Banner found her first cat and became a mother to it. The baby is still living with us. But this was not the last rescue story.

One day when they went for a walk the animal found a box full of cats. The dog hurried to notify the owner about the babies. The woman was amazed by seeing seven kittens at once.

Luckily, all the babies survived. The woman looked after them and decided to give them kind families instead of giving them to a shelter.
The owner was happy as they managed to save so many kittens due to her pet. Now all the babies have their loving owners. And the dog continues rescuing animals.

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