The dog filled with milk asked the man to help her puppies

Once the pitbull rescue center got an unexpected call. People reported them to a poor dog who asked for help.

They did not know to whom the dog belonged. But it was clear that she had babies but they were not with her.

So, where were the puppies? The rescuers came to find the mother and help her.
It was easy to find the mother. When they arrived the dog approached them.

It was clear that she had recently become a mom.
When the dog understood that they had good intentions she took them to the house.

One man opened the door and informed the rescuers that the dog was his roommate’s and now he was in prison.

He looked after them during all this time. But it was obvious that he was not telling the truth.
The babies were inside but he did not give them to rescuers.

So, they could save only the mother but she was unhappy as she left her babies.
After some days, the rescuers had legal permission to take the puppies.

They took them to the shelter where the mother was. Now, they all are happy together.

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