The dog fell in love with little goats and became their mother

Dogs are not only loyal but also very kind and caring creatures.
A dog named Loryn is one of these dogs.

She has been living on the farm of Andrea Holley since birth.
She has always been surrounded by animals and everyone who saw him treated her very well.

If any animal needs help the dog is always ready to help.
And once the owner decided to adopt goats.

And when they came to the farm. Loryn decided to make friends with them.
The dog saw that the goats were newborns and started to act very carefully with them.

It was love at first sight. So, she became their mother.
She did her responsibilities as a real mother would do.

There is a strong connection between them. The goats also loved the dog and treated it like their mother.

They are always together. They go wherever the dog goes.

Now, the life of the animals is more interesting and funny.
This is an example of a happy family.

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