The dog eat the passport of his owner and did not allow her to go abroad

During the quarantine, a woman named Amanda Avila while working from home adopted a dog named Dillon.

And the dog has become used to the fact that the owner will always be with him. And it would be painful to feel her absence.

When Amanda got married they had to go on a honeymoon but the dog had different plans.
‘When I went to New York he was very unhappy but when I traveled to Iceland he lost his temper, ‘said Amanda.

A couple of days before traveling the dog chewed up her passport.
So, he wanted to show his reaction to her traveling to the woman.

‘I did not know how he found my passport’ she said.
So, now he had to make a new document. But it would not be so soon.

And she doesn’t know when the passport will be ready so they can go on a honeymoon.
But she hoped that everything would be good soon.

And she explains the dog’s behavior with the anxiety that he had connected to their separation.

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