The dog dug a hole to stay there with his owner forever

The dog was often seen near the dumpsters. The dog was not clear and it was obvious that the owners got rid of him.

A couple of times people noticed how the cat took the food and then disappeared.
The dog lost his hope of waiting. He lost his owner and dug a hole to stay with him forever.

One girl followed the dog to see what he was doing and wanted to help the dog but did not know how to do it. The dog was scared and did not let anyone get close to him. But the girl managed to become friends with it.

The girl took the animal to the vest. Here he was tidied up to undergo an examination.
After this, it turned out that he was a boy and was 5 years old.

They called the pet Klepik. The doctors had to remove 12 teeth.
The animal could not even eat because of this.

But there are also some problems to cope with. He got many injections and underwent medical procedures.

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