The dog dragged the woman to the forest and then took out 7 little cats from the box

Whitney Bralee had 3 children and was a disabled person. The poor woman could not even walk to her family and her loyal friend always helped her.

Then a strange thing happened with the dog and the woman understood that he wanted to show something.
The dog called Banner barked and jumped at the woman and convinced her to follow him.

‘It was strange for me as he always listened to me’ said the woman.
So, the dog dragged her in an unknown direction.

They came to the forest and saw a box among the trees.
So, the dog took the babies from there one by one.

‘It was scary as the babies were cold and did not make any sounds’ said the woman.
But fortunately, they were alive. And no one knows how the dog found this box.

The dog brought the kittens to the woman. The woman took them home and fed them.
The babies were so little. It was hard for the disabled woman to take care of the babies but she managed to do so.
Now the dog looks after the babies very carefully.

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