The dog died after being saved of being eight years of abuse

The dog named Rex was abused by his previous owner. But it’s nice that Rex managed to spend the last days of his life without suffering.
He was saved by Strasbourg SPA and found peace in his family.

It was a nightmare for the poor animal who was abused for almost 8 years. This year, The Strasbourg SPA shared a picture of the dog and hoped to find a home for him.

He was used to pain and loneliness. He saw people when they wanted to feed him. And he did not know what it meant to be loved and cared for.

He was rescued in April 2021. He was sufficient from a disease that caused him to form scabs on his body. He was in the worst condition. And he barely survived. So, his owners could not keep him any longer. So, the dog was sent to the shelter.

When the shelter posted a picture, the dog got another chance. The family from Philipsburg adopted him. The animal was already feeling better thanks to the shelter staff.

Now he can enjoy his life.
Now he was surrounded by love that he never received.

Unfortunately, after some time the poor animal passed away. But it’s nice that he managed to feel love from his family.

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