The dog did not leave the one who needed assistance

The dog was lying on the grass and its paw was damaged. When people saw her they also found that she was not alone. A loyal friend was sitting near her.

Then the residents informed the rescuers that the animal was injured. She damaged her paw by a passing car. And she could not do anything.

The loyal job stayed with her till help arrived. Also, he did not let anyone approach her. People were touched by this scene. But when the help came he understood that they would help his friend instead of harming him.

So, he let them approach her.
They named the dog Betty, and Allen to his friend.

The rescue team took them both to the shelter and the staff immediately treated her paw. All this time he did not leave her friend and wanted to know that everything was right.

After this, they also find their owners. They continued living the same way and are very careful with each other. This was an amazing bond.

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