The dog did not leave the empty car for 9 months: his owner died in an accident

This story once again proves the loyalty and love of dogs to their owners and this happened in Brazil.
The dog stayed in the backyard of the road service for some months. She stayed near the car where she last saw her owner.

Recently, the owner of the pet had an accident and died. The animal was with the owner at that moment. The dog was afraid and was under the seat. The rescuers did not even notice her at first.

When the rescuers found her they thought that she should be moved to the vet. But the scared animal did not allow anyone to approach her.
Pablo Guimaraes, from the road department, looked after the animal.

Pablo started to feed this poor animal every day and after some time she started to trust him. The man called her Sorte and that means lucky. This animal was really lucky as she stayed alive after such a car accident.

They became best friends, but the dog continued sleeping in the same car.
This story again shows how loyal dogs are. They are more loyal than many people.

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