The dog did not allow the owners to home as it felt danger there and continued barking

It was a usual walk with the pet. The family was in the park with their pet called Sadie. When they returned home the dog was behaving normally but then everything changed.
When they entered their yard the animal ran towards the front door.

The owners were worried as he never behaved like this. But decided not to focus on his behavior and came closer to the house.
The dog started to bark even louder.
The owners started to persuade the animal to let them enter the house. But he did not allow them to do so.

The dog laid down on the threshold.
After some time the owners felt a strange smell.
So, they hurried to call the rescue service. The animal also met the people who arrived.

So, they started to take action and eliminated the danger.
The dog saved all their lives and was praised not only by the owner but also by the rescuer team.

They said that they had never met such a smart dog as Sadie.
This again proves that pit bulls are smart animals and are always ready to save their owners.

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Smart Animals