The dog could not stay indifferent and played with the newborn

Huskies are proud animals by nature but they are at the same time very beautiful animals. Many people admire them.
They inherited a lot from their ancestors who were wild wolves.

But little children are living inside them that no one knows.
The hero of this story is a proud husky. He amazed people with his cuteness and was proud of himself.

But recently a baby appeared in their family and the baby became interested in him. He wanted to won the dog’s heart but it was so hard.
The dog wanted all the attention from the owners and he did not want them to give their love to the newborn.

Husky ignored the child and did not pay any attention to him.
But the baby wanted to play with him. He wanted attention adnd love. But over time he could not resist and his heart melted.

He started to play with the child and they became best friends over time.

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