The dog could not hide his tears when he understood that people came to take him

The 8-month-old dog named Benny has been at a shelter in California since November. The animal was at risk of being euthanized if no one would come to take him.

All dogs from this shelter were abandoned and had the same fate. For some weeks no one wanted to take this dog but he was such a cute animal. But then magic happened.

His life changed when a family decided to adopt the puppy.
When one of the shelter workers came to take the dog he backed away and was confused.

The poor animal thought that he would be euthanized. But what he saw later amazed him. He could not believe in such luck.

Many animals stay in cages until they will be euthanized. Many animals live without a loving family and never feel what it means to be treated well. But this dog was lucky as he finally found a family.

If you have the chance you can adopt such animals and give them a chance to live.

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