The dog could not believe that he was finally adopted

The poor animal stayed 2381 days in the shelter and no one wanted to adopt him till Brandon met him.
Higgins was adopted when he was a puppy but it was not his forever home. He later came back to the shelter.

‘No one wanted to adopt him for a very long time,’ said the director of the animal rescue center.
It was only after 2381 days that he was adopted.

Many wonder why they did not put him to sleep.
But Leslie did not want to give up.

She knew that she should be patient to find an owner for the animal.
Potential owners wonder why he was not adopted at such an age.

Once, Brandon Reed, who had recently purchased his home, decided to adopt an animal.
And he chose Higgins to be his friend.

Leslie was even amazed by this as she already lost her hope.
‘He was so cute that I wanted to adopt him as soon as possible,’ he said.
Now Higgins lives with his owner and knows what it means to be surrounded by love and care. He deserved this.

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