The dog continued howling after separated from his best friend

Animals from shelters did not have an easy past. They have an uncertain future.
They are always anxious as they do not have owners and permanent homes.

The owner had to give them to the shelter and asked the staff to find owners for the animals. The staff hoped that they would be adopted together so that they did not have to be separated.

But the day when they had to be parted away. One family wanted to take one dog, and the other had to stay there at the shelter.

And it was hard for them to live without each other.
In the house, the dog continued crying for several days. So, he was returned there.

And soon the shelter managed to find a family who would adopt them both.
These friends grew up together and they had a strong connection.

They could not imagine life without each other as they home through many things together. They overcame all difficulties with the help of each other.

And it’s nice that now they are again together and no one would separate them. The family was also happy to have them.

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