The dog celebrated her birthday party with her friends

Many owners love their animals so much that they often organize parties for their pets.
Marvel’s friends were invited to celebrate his birthday party.

Despite the differences in their species, all animals get along with each other very well.
‘I have so many pets and they all love each other,’ said the owner.

Emma gave the dog a toy for his birthday. But the main surprise was the dinner.
‘I made a special cake for the dogs’ said Emma.

They all sat down and started to eat sweets. They all were the happiest.
It seemed that they all realized why they were gathered together and what they celebrated.

They also did not want to start the meal without Marvel.
After this, the animals went outside and continued having fun.

They played till they got tired. It was a nice day for all of them. They will never forget such great memories.
No one expected that such different pets would find a common language so easily.

The owners feel happy when the pets are happy to.
So, Emma promised that she will organize such parties very often.

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