The dog came to see her owner who was almost dying

Indeed, dogs are the most loyal friends of humans. You hear so many cases about heroic dogs and this story will again prove to you that they are more than friends.

They are a mix of happiness and devotion.
Here, you can see how the animal came to see its owner for the last time.

It was an emotional moment and most probably you cannot even hide your tears. The way he looked at her owner was heartbreaking.
A man named Ryan Jessen had a brain injury. He was at the hospital but the doctors could not help him in any way.

Ryan was deeply connected to his pet and the family asked doctors to allow them to meet for the last time. The dog said goodbye to her owner.
That was a connection that cannot be described by words.

So, the kind staff allowed them to meet. The woman also captured the moment when they met and how they looked at each other. The man did not want to leave his friend.

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