The dog came to home to a woman every day but once he came with a note on his collar

Once, a woman found a dog while coming back home. The animal was clean and had a collar, so most probably he had owners.
The woman entered the house and the animal followed her. He laid down and slept. When he woke up he left.

It repeated for some days.
And no one knows the reason for such behavior.

‘‘From his look, it was obvious that he had owners,” said the woman.
The situation interested the woman and she decided to know what was happening with the animal.

Also, she wanted to find his owners. So, the woman wrote a note and pin in its collar.
‘’I want to know the owners of this cute dog, I want you to know that your dog comes to my house every day, sleeps, and then leaves.

So, I want to know what he does with this’’ she wrote.
The next day the animal returned and he had a note with an answer.

‘The dog is living with us and we have 6 children, the youngest one is about 3 years old. So, our poor animal needs sleep,’ the owners wrote.
‘And If you agree, can I come and thank you for your understanding?’.

The amazing story of the dog who was tired and needed sleep.

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