The dog called Yesenia found a lost girl

This police dog became a real star. This heroic dog has the experience of finding lost children. And now he did a heroic deed again.’

He has a strong sense of smell and this time he found an 11 years old girl.
That evening, the worried parents contacted the police.

The father said that the girl left the house and did not come back. Everyone was now reunited to find the girl.

And Yesenia came to help.
They gave him the girl’s sneaker for a scent example. They started the investigation.

Yesenia led the police to the yard.
The girl was there.

It became obvious that the girl had an argument with her parents and went to the neighborhood and stayed there all day. Fortunately, everything was good with her.

And she was returned home and her parents were thankful to Yesenia for finding their daughter.
He is a very devoted dog.

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