The dog began to cry when she saw her owner coming back from the army

Hannah Foraker had two best friends- the horse called Derby and the old dog named Buddy.
The girl had to leave her friends for the first time.

It was already 3 months that she was not at home, and now she decided to come back during the Christmas holidays.
Buddy was a puppy when Hannah adopted her. Now Buddy is aged and also has some problems with his joints.

But even that did not stop them from meeting his owner in the best way.
He forgot all his pain when he saw her.

It was an emotional reunion.
The moment was also filmed and later spread on the internet.

Animals, especially dogs, never forget their owners. While the soldiers protect the country, they have pets at home who wait for them.
Dogs are proof of unconditional love. So, we should be careful with them and give them the best they deserve.

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