The dog began running into the forest every day and the owner decided to follow him to know what was wrong and he found a wild animal

The dog ran to the forest every time and then came back after some hours like nothing happened.
At first the owner did not pay any attention to this but then he understood that something was wrong.

So, he followed the dog and found out what he was doing there.
The man saw the dog came to the forest to play with his new friend.

The man was scared at first and did not do anything but then he took his camera and again followed the dog.
He managed to capture the amazing couple.

They were so excited that they did not even notice the man.
So, he did not want to interfere with them and did not also want to get into the wild.

So he left everything as it was.
German Shepherds are loyal dogs and whatever they do they return to their owners every time.

But the owner still could not believe how he could befriend a wild fox. What did they find in common? But love is the key to everything.

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