The dog became a donor for dying cats and saved their lives

The rescue center staff discovered crumbs and saved their lives on October 11. The babies were born on the street during cold weather and were overall covered with parasites.

They also had other health problems and their eyes were infected that they could not see.
Unluckily, the smallest one could not overcome the illness and die but doctors did their best to save her.

‘I have never seen so many fleas during my career’ says Hayes, the foster mother.
So, doctors managed to cope with parasites with different means but it was difficult when dealing with eyes.

Eye drops no longer helped them and then the doctor found something interesting.
So, they used the dog’s blood to make a serum and that helped the babies.

‘It would be great to use the dog’s blood which could not work in the case of the cats’ said the doctor.
So, Harley became a blood donor and saved the kittens. The plan worked.

Now, the kittens are getting better. So, looking at them, doctors realized that their efforts finally gave results and the cats were saved thanks to the dog who became a blood donor for them.

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