The dog and the cat could not find a common language so the owner built a different entrance for them

Normally, cats and dogs could not get along with each other. And we often hear such stories.
Marcin Telus knows this very well as he keeps both of them in his home.

The dog Zara and the cat Simba live in the same home. They never fight but they do not like each other.
So, to tense the atmosphere Martin decided to divide their places so that they can freely move.

The dog started to live on the first floor and the kitten on the second. Now they do not have to tolerate each other.
The cat enjoys walking so she runs into the dog when she enters and leaves the home.

So, the man decided to solve the problem. So, he built another entrance for the cat.
Simba has a climbing wall.

So, now the cat can easily jump and take a nap when wanted.
Simba is happy and satisfied now. All cats would like to live in such an entertainment complex.

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