The dog always loved puppies and now he got his own

Golden Retrievers are the cutest among all breeds.
Pork belongs to that category.

But something is missing.
Pork was friendly with other dogs and loved them so much. And because of this, the owners decided to buy a puppy for him.

So, when they took the animal home they also filmed the first meeting between the two pets.
They named it Teddy Sugar. It was so sweet and cute.

When Pork first met her, he began to sniff her and the puppy immediately responded to him by wagging her tail. It was obvious that they will easily get along with each other. The owners were also happy to see such a strong connection.

Teddy was smaller than Pork but she was not scared of him.
They love each other from the very first moment.

Teddy always repeats whatever Pork does.
They were very happy to have each other.

They hugged each other and slept.
They are best friends from now on.

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