The dog also left after its owner death

Zaida is a well-trained dog. Moreover, she is very smart and loyal. She served for the state for a very long time. But no one wanted to adopt her.

When she retired she was sent to her mentor, with whom they worked for several years.
But after some time, the owner got sick and she also reduced eating because of the worries about the men.

Unfortunately, after some time he passed away. But no one knows the reason for this. Zayda died after one month of this.

When the dog underwent an examination it turned out that she was affected by metastases. The doctors suggested putting her to sleep.

Her condition was getting worse day by day. The animal did not have an appetite and also the desire to fight for living.

The doctors tried to help her but it would be preferable for her to get help for her family. But when the owner died, the woman could not keep the dog any longer.

And no one has the right to blame her for this as no one could understand her pain.
Zayda understood everything and just laid and waited for her to die. Let’s hope that soon she will be reunited with her owner.

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