The doctors were sure that she could never walk but she has grown up and proved everyone wrong

Hannah Shaw came to the shelter to take little cats. But another cat called Chloe won her attention the most.
Chloe was waiting for euthanasia. But Hannah came back home with 3 cats instead of 2.

Chloe had a spinal injury so she could not use her hind legs. The doctors were sure that she could never walk.
But despite all the difficulties Hannah did not want to give up so she decided to help the animal the way she could.

Chloe is always in a good mood and plays like other cats. She enjoys playing with her dad named Andrew. So, she was also washed and put on a healthy diet.
She should also go to therapy.

And the first experience of the therapy exceeded all expectations. Everything went well. After the surgery, she started to move her hind legs. Also, she tried to stand on her legs.
And that was the first victory of their struggle.

Now, the doctors are more optimistic and hope for the better.
And everything was due to her kind owner who never hesitated about giving up and did her best to help the cat.
Soon, Chloe will be much better.

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