The doctors could not help the old man but his grandson could

The doctors lost their hope to save the man but his grandson helped him. The father asked his son how he did it and when he told everyone started to cry.

The boy was always inspired by his grandfather.
When the grandmother died the boy was very disappointed.

When the parents learned about the grandfather’s condition they did not know how to tell their son about it.
They were so desperate but they had to do so.

So, Simon visited his grandfather and tried to make him happy even when he did not have consciousness.
The parents became worried if something was wrong and decided not to take him to the grandfather. But the boy insisted and did it alone.

The boy continued visiting his grandfather and telling him interesting stories. He asked him to become healthy as soon as possible.
And one day, when he held his grandfather’s hand, the man opened his eyes and moved his finger.

No one could expect such a thing to happen. Everyone was amazed and at the same time very happy about this. Magic happens.

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