The diver helps sharks free from nets

The diver led a group off the coast of Africa when suddenly a shark appeared towards them.
His fins were tangled in the nets and the man hurried to help it.

The man did not know whether the shark managed to save him or not. But after one month the mammal appeared and said that he was okay.

The man named Louis had been a diving instructor for 10 years and knows how to behave when he met a shark.

The shark was not going to harm them and needed help.
The man managed to cope with the task.

But the mammal was so tired that could not hunt for a couple of days.
‘I was worried if the shark was saved or not’ said the man.

After a month, the man saw the same shark in front of him. It seems that he came to show his gratitude for saving him.

The man did not regret saving him.
Amazing job.

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