The diver dived to the bottom of the lake, took pictures, and rise to the top

The diver had heard many legends about the «River Monsters» of the lake but never believed in it. So, he decided to dive and make sure of his beliefs.

But immediately after some minutes, he rose quickly to the surface and the camera filmed what happened there.

Enthusiasts have been searching for Nessie, who is considered to be a legend for many years. And no one proved her existence yet. But many people claim that they have seen it.

Wade dived to the bottom in the presence of the witnesses.
The diver says that the water became black near the bottom.

He did not understand how he appeared exactly in the target place. He felt that something dark was moving toward him.

He did not understand what it was.
I was scared and did not see what it was, he said.

So, he could not do whatever he planned to do. The depts are too dark for documentary filing and maybe they should come up with another thing to do so.

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