The disabled horse now could walk with the help of a special wheelchair

The horse did not have hind legs and now could walk thanks to the wheelchair.
The horse named Turbo is living at the shelter where animals are rescued from being euthanized.

These animals got the necessary medical help and assistance.
The horse named Turbo has been disabled since birth. Because he did not have hind legs all his weight fell on the front legs.

But, people from the shelter did their best to make his life easier.
The owner of the shelter called Megan Pereira said that Turbo is a beautiful creature.

And he had a desire to live. So, the workers noticed this and could not stay without helping him.
One company that makes devices for such animals heard about the animal from social media and decided to help.

They made a wheelchair for the animal. And this helped him not only to walk but to run.
Everyone was happy to see how happy he was.

But he had a lot to overcome.
Let’s wish him a speedy recovery.

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