The cubs of the white tigress and lion were amazing

This couple was outstanding.
These species are from various felines but often make a good union.

Only 1200 white tigers and 300 lions are left in the world.
So, it was a big event when these two made a couple.

They saw each other at a safari park.
In the sanctuary, people can visit and see them.

The tigress gave birth to four babies in 2014. The babies were half tigers and half lions. So, the cubs were the cutest in the world.

They were already weighing 7 kg when they turned 6 weeks old. They were growing too fast. And most probably they will become the giant cats on the planet.

Uncle of the cubs was the largest and weighed about 420 kg.

And most probably they will be the same as their uncle.
So, these animals are the magical ones in the world.

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