The cub came to the fisherman and asked for fish, see why he did so

The man was fishing when he suddenly noticed a movement nearby.
The bear cub came to him and asked for fish. The man was surprised but gave it to him.

The cub did not eat it but took it somewhere.
This happened in Siberia when one resident went fishing.

The man did not notice how the cub approached him and when he saw he understood that the animal was hungry. The cub asked for the fish but did not eat it.

The man was interested in what the cub did with it.
So, he followed the animal and saw a bear lying there.

The bear was tired and wanted to gain strength in such a way.

The man by seeing this understood why the cub did so and realized that 3 fish is not enough for his mother.
The next day the mother was feeling better which means that the fish helped her to gain strength.

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