The cruel mother wanted to kill her baby but it cried many hours and wanted his mother

The zoo staff noticed an unbelievable and heartbreaking moment. The elephant cried because of being separated from his mom.

A baby elephant was born and it was a happy event in the Chinese zoo. But the baby was barely saved as his mom stepped on him right after he was born.

Everyone thought that it happened by accident and took the baby from there to show him first aid. So, it turned out that the poor baby had some injuries and they should treat the baby.

After 2 hours the doctors returned the baby to the mother. But it gave the opposite result. The mother repeated the attack and harmed the baby again.

Everyone was shocked by such behavior. They hurried to take the baby and protect him.
The baby was so disappointed by being separated from his mother. So, the elephant started to cry.

The staff wanted to help the baby but their efforts were in vain.
The baby did not stop crying and wanted his mom.

But they could not risk it again and take him to her.
What cruel behavior from the mother shocked all the staff.

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