The couple waited 27 hours for the opening of the shelter to pick up an unusual puppy

Someone can stand in line for a day for a new phone, and someone can be the first to pick up a pet.

In the shelter of the US state of Oklahoma, border collie puppies were born. Their color was unusual – nature “painted” hearts on their chests.

Center staff posted photos of the babies on social media announcing that the dogs were looking for a new home. You can pick them up on a certain date.

The Johnsons, as soon as they saw these “hearty” crumbs, decided that they should take one for themselves. To do this, they arrived from out of state the day before and queued up in the parking lot near the shelter.

All efforts were not in vain – they still took one baby for themselves, the girl named Luna.
It turned out that it was intended as a wedding gift to a relative.

The family thought that a dog with a heart would be the best symbol of the love of the newlyweds.

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