The couple temporarily adopted 4 cats but then could not separate with them

The couple adopted 4 cats who were abandoned. They only wanted to feed the cats and then help them to find owners.

Recently, the residents asked a local community about the colony of stray cats who were living near their houses.
And during the capture of kittens 4 cats were found. And the mother could not be identified.

The babies were sure that it would be their permanent home. But the couple did not have plans to keep them forever.
The babies were so cute together.

And then they already had to make a decision. Sarah had a busy work week and during the day she was so tired of everything.
At that time she heard how gentle he purred. Violet was the most active one.

So, at that moment when Sarah looked at the babies she understood that she wanted to keep them all. How could she part with them? They were so cute and loved her so much. Also, they treated Sarah like their owner.

She lay there and all the kittens were next to her.
All babies were happy together and they will soon celebrate Thanksgiving day.

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