The couple saved a poor bear cubs and looked after them as their own babies

The couple named Jim and Susan created a place where they kept cubs who were abandoned. The babies appear here for different reasons but they are all accepted as their native child.

Some of them could be released to the wild but others could stay there forever. It depends on their fate.
This center has been operating for five years.

But after having this center the couple were always engaged in such activities for about 15 years.
There are various species of animal who live at the center. Everything is done by the couple.

And no one helped them in this.
The man had a special ability to get along with all bears who appeared there.

He did everything for this. He treated them like their own babies and was a real father to them. Such an amazing connection.

He can always come and hug them freely. The couple will continue their activities and are always helping poor animals.

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