The couple noticed the dog in need who was in the laundry basket and hurried to help

The man called Danny together with his girlfriend was standing on the balcony.
So, the man suddenly looked down and saw a dog.

At first, they thought that the animal was with the owner but when she got tired and rested no one came to her.
The dog looked at me and waited for my help, said the man.

So, they took a basket to put her inside it.
The animal was so thin.

It was obvious that she did not eat anything for a very long time.
So, Danny decided to take the animal but she did not show any emotions.

The man hurried to wash the animal when they were already at home.
Then, the man also went to the store to buy a toy and a cage for the dog.

But the dog did not respond to anything. So they decided to take her to a doctor.
It turned out that she had problems with her digestive system.

The only solution to this was an operation. And it would be expensive to do such an operation.
This couple did not even want to adopt a dog but now they had to spend lots of money to save her life.

They did not know whether they could gather this money or not.
So, they did their best to do so.

Fortunately, the operation was successful.
The dog will be better soon.
So, the couple will keep the animal forever.

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