The couple had twins with different skin colors and they will melt your heart

The couple was forced to prove to people that the babies were twins. Because they both were different and even had different skin colors.

No one believed that they were twins.
One of them had blond hair and blue eyes and the other one had dark skin and brown eyes.

But it was the genetics of their parents.
The dad was Jamaican and the mom was British. And everyone was confused looking at them.

New people who do not know them never believe that babies are twins.
But when they start to believe a lot of questions arise in their minds.

‘When I was pregnant, we never even imagined what they would look like, ‘ said the mother.
Also, the babies have opposite characters.

But despite all of this they are very friendly with each other.
They have the strongest bond you could ever imagine. And parents are very happy about this.

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